Gold, Sparkle, Glitz and Glamour..

She studied ceramic arts at college. After she obtained her bachelor of arts in ceramic she studied Jewelry design at FIDM. At this time she was intrigued by the material of the metal.

She loved to make jewelry yet she wanted to present her jewelry to the bigger form.
She began creating sculptures and 2D works with a metal and utilized precious stones and various materials.

Since young, she is fascinated by medieval era and inspired by clothing, architecture, and decorations from the period.

Especially, antique gold is her symbol color from the brass metal which she mainly uses in her artwork. She likewise utilizes precious stones as the medium for the decoration and gives great vibes into her artwork.

When she creates her art work, she creates herself imagining the most beautiful and happiest moment. And she believes that she will give good energy to people who meet her work.

 2004-2008 Bachelor of Arts in Ceramic Arts: Ewha Womans University
 2009-2011 Associate of Arts in Jewelry Design: Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising
 Exhibitions & Presentation:

 2007 Graduation Exhibition. Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea
 2011 Graduation Presentation. FIDM, Los Angeles, USA
 2013 In Art Exhibition. Sun Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
 2014 Raw Artists Exhibitions. RAW artist la, Los Angeles, USA
 2014 BIAA Group Exhibition. Korea Daily, Los Angeles, USA
 2015 BIAA Group Exhibition. Gallery Clu, Los Angeles, USA
 2015 Mellifluous Duo Art Exhibition. Gallery Clu, Los Angeles, USA
 2015 BIAA Paris Exhibition. Centre Culturel Coreen A Paris Presentons, Paris, France
 2016 LA Art Show. LA Convention Center, Los Angeles, USA
 2016 BIAA Osaka Group Exhibition. Osaka Korean Cultural Center, Osaka, Japan
 2017 ACROSS THE UNIVERSE Group Exhibition. We Gallery, Seoul, Korea
 2017 BIAA & Dongduk Collaboration. Dongduk Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea
 2017 Marbella Art Fair . Palacio de congresos, Ferias y Exposiciones de Marbella, Malaga, Spain
 2017 LA Artists Group Exhibition. STOA Gallery, Malaga, Spain
 2017 Asia Contemporary Art Show, Hong Kong
 2019 LA Art Show. LA Convention Center, Los Angeles, USA
 2020 LA Art Show. LA Convention Center, Los Angeles, USA 
 2022 Year End Exhibition. Gallery Do Arte, Los Angeles, USA
 2023 K-Art Group & KAAH Exchange Exhibition. Honolulu Hale City Hall, Hawaii, USA